How to add Earrings and Necklace to a Model Photo – Jewelry Product Photos for E-Commerce editing

In this Photoshop Tutorial I will show you how to edit a necklace and earrings and add them to a model photo to make the most amazing product photo for E-Commerce , Shopify, eBay and Amazon. First we will need to make a selection of the jewelry using the Quick Selection Tool and Select Subject, this way Photoshop will automatically make a selection of the jewelry and all we need to do is to copy and paste on to the model photo. After that we will transform the jewelry using the Free Transform to position it on the model’s neck. We will use the Warp Transform to adjust the necklace more precise on the neck. After that we will cut out the earrings from the photo and make a duplicate of one of them and after that we will position them on the ears of the model. We will adjust the angle of the earrings using the Skew Transform so that they look more real. After that we will add a drop shadow to both the earrings and necklace, we will adjust the distance, spread, size, opacity and angle. Now with the eraser tool we will erase the areas of the necklace that the hair is on top. For last we will select the layer thumbnail with the CMD (Mac), CTRL (Windows) key pressed so that we make a selection only of the necklace and with the brush tool with black color selected we will paint over it so that it looks like the hair is dropping a shadow on the necklace.

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