How to change Furniture Color – Real Estate Photo Editing Photoshop Tutorial

In this Photoshop Tutorial I will show you how to change furniture color. In this case we will change the color of a sofa from green to yellow. First we will duplicate the layer and after that we will need to make a selection of the sofa using the Pen Tool. Once we make our selection we will create a Layer Mask for the sofa. After that we will create a New Layer and with the Paint Bucket Tools we will fill the layer with a yellow color. We will change the Blending Mode of our new layer to Color and we will apply it only to our layer mask. Now we will create a Levels Adjustment Layer and we will adjust the Contrast, Highlights and Shadows. For last I will show you a cool trick to change the color of the furniture using the Hue/Saturation Adjustment layer in seconds.

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