How to create a Lightroom Mobile Preset, Export to .DNG and Download to another Device

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a Lightroom Mobile Preset and export it to Lightroom CC so that we can export it again to download the .dng file to another mobile device. First we will create the preset on our device and save it, after that we will open Adobe Lightroom CC Desktop App on a Mac so that we can export it. But the exported file will be .xmp and we need it to be .dng to save it to another device, for that reason we will open up Lightroom Classic and from there we will export again to .dng after that we will upload to Google Drive (you can use Dropbox or whatever app you want) so that we can download it on the other device. Once we open the DNG in the mobile app you will see that the preset is saved with the photo and you will need to save the preset again so that you can use it on other photos. All the apps are provided by the Adobe Creative Cloud.

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