How to Create Fantasy Colors Effect with Channel Mixer using Photoshop – Tutorial

In this Photoshop Tutorial I will show you a fast way on how to do a Fantasy Effect using only the channel mixer. It’s a really cool look for your social media photos.

How to create Orange and Teal Photoshop Effect Tutorial – Cinematic Color Grading

In this tutorial I will show you how to make Orange and Teal Effect in two easy steps. The It’s basically a cinematic movie effect used in Instagram Photos, Travel Photography and Videos. We will just add two adjustment layers and tweak them to get the effect.

How to edit Dark Orange Lightroom Mobile Tutorial + Free Preset

In this Lightroom Mobile Tutorial I will show you how to edit the Dark Orange effect, the effect is very popular on Instagram at the moment and it’s one of my favorite edits.

Download Dark Orange Lightroom Mobile Preset:

How to make a Summer Photo Effect – Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial you will see how to make a cool Summer Photo for your social media by adding some text and light effect. We will cut out the person with the Refine Mask and after that we will place some text behind her and add some effects to the text. We will add the sun light using the Gradient Tool.

How to edit Moody Brown in Photoshop Color Grading Tutorial

In this Tutorial you will see how to edit Moody Brown with the Camera Raw Filter in Photoshop. The tutorial is easy to follow and at the end you will see the effect on five more photos.

Moody Brown Photoshop Action (Preset) Link:

How to remove Shadows from Photo in Lightroom

In this Lightroom Tutorial I will show you how to remove Shadows from your photos using Lightroom. It’s a very easy technique using only the basic tools in Lightroom. The tutorial is mostly for beginners.