Product Photos for E-Commerce – Sunglasses editing Photoshop Tutorial

In this Photoshop Tutorial I will show you how to edit Sunglasses product photo and put them on a model image for E-Commerce and Shopify. First we will remove the parts that we don’t want to be behind the glasses of the sunglasses using the Content Aware Fill and the Clone Stamp Tool and after that we will cut out the sunglasses using the Pen Tool. Then we will paste them on the model photo and adjust them on her eyes, after that we will need to invert the colors so that we can apply the Screen Blending Mode so that they are transparent. With the Hue/Saturation we will need to get back the real color of the sunglasses because we inverted it before that. Now we will have to cut out the parts from a duplicate layer of the sunglasses because we lost them when inverting the layer, that means that we will use two layers of the sunglasses. We will add Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer to fix some of the lighter parts, then we will merge all the layers so that we can make the finishing touches with the Camera Raw Filter.

How to use the Pen Tool Tutorial:

How to edit Product Photos for E-Commerce – Handbag editing Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial I will show you how to edit a handbag product photo for E-Commerce or Shopify. First we will clear out the dark sections on the handbag using the Clone Stamp Tool (This method is good for product photos with a pattern on them). After that we will straighten out both sides of the handbag using the Liquify Tool and after that we will copy and paste the left side on to the right side. We made a duplicate of the layers so that the parts that are messed up by the Liquify tool we can erase with the Eraser Tool and merge them so that we have a fresh photo. Now I will cut out the handbag from the background and do a little editing with the Camera RAW filter. For the final I will show you how to make two effects, a floating effect and a glass reflection effect.

Pen Tool Tutorial: