How to create a Ink Splash Photo in Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a Ink Splash with a photo. First you need to find a inc splash image (you can google “Ink Splash .png”) then open in Photoshop and copy and paste the photo that you want to use in the Ink Splash. Now just delete the black so that you have a transparent splash then move the layer on top and hide it wile we add a gradient effect to the photo with the Gradient Tool and select the blending mode to Multiply. Now unhide the splash layer and you are done.

Photoshop Collage Tutorial – Amazing Collage Effect for your Instagram Profile

In this tutorial you will see how to make an amazing Collage Effect to your photos in Photoshop. To make a background like the one on the tutorial just simply make a new layer and paint with a color now select a lighter color and select the Brush Tool, increase the size and just paint once. Now make some shapes and position and rotate them by pressing CMD+T or CTRL+T on Windows. Now paste your photo on top of the collage shapes that you made you can lower the opacity just to see what you are doing and after that hold the ALT key and select the shapes layer to make a selection, now select the photo and select the Marquee Tool and right click on the selection and select inverse now just delete with the backspace and you are done.