How to add shadows in Photoshop Tutorial

In todays Photoshop Tutorial I will show you how to add a shadow to a person. We will use the Refine Mask Tool and we will add Gaussian Blur. First we will cut out the girl using the Refine Mask Tool and make a duplicate of the selection, we will make a cool background and after that we will fill the selection with black color and add some Gaussian Blur. Now the only thing left is to lower the opacity.

Photoshop a Light Text Effect Tutorial

In this Photoshop Tutorial I will show you how to create a Light Text Effect. First you will need to select the Text Tool and type in the text that you want, then make a selection of the text so that you can cut it out. Now add a stroke effect the the top text and for the bottom just blur it a little bit. The final step is to add some Brightness Adjustment Layer to make the text brighter and the background darker.

How to edit Moody Brown in Photoshop Color Grading Tutorial

In this Tutorial you will see how to edit Moody Brown with the Camera Raw Filter in Photoshop. The tutorial is easy to follow and at the end you will see the effect on five more photos.

Moody Brown Photoshop Action (Preset) Link:

How to add Sky Effect in Photoshop – Replace sky and add reflection to water

In this tutorial you will see how to replace sky in Photoshop and add reflection to water. First you need to past a sky image to your photo and resize it (just press CMD+T or CTRL+T on Windows), resize to match the sky and after that select the Eraser Tool (make it soft) then erase the places that you don’t want or are on top of things. Now just press again CMD+T to resize and on top change the Hight from 100% to -100% to flip the image and place it on top of the water, lower the opacity and erase again with the Eraser Tool.