How to remove Photographer shadow in less than a minute in Photoshop Tutorial

In this under minute tutorial I will show you how to remove Photographer shadow in Photoshop. In the tutorial we will use the Fill Tool and the Clone Stamp tool.

5 Ways to add text behind an object in Photoshop Tutorial

In this Photoshop Tutorial I will show you how to simply add text behind any object or person. The first method is with the Magnetic Lasso Tool the second is with the Quick Selection Tool, third with Magic Wand, then we will make a selection using the Pen Tool and the last way is lowering the opacity and using the Eraser Tool.

How to remove background with the Background Eraser Tools fast

I will show you how to remove background using Background Eraser Tool. This is the fastest and easiest way to remove one color backgrounds. All you need to do it right click on the Eraser tool and select Background Eraser Tool, make sure that it’s a soft brush with a one color sample and tolerance around 12%. Now hold on the color that you want to erase and without releasing the mouse button start erasing.

How to Blur Background in Photoshop – Tutorial

In this Photoshop Tutorial I will show you how to make a background blur. First we will cut out the person using the Refine Mask Tool and after that we will make a new Layer only with the person so that we can add Gaussian Blur to the original Layer. If you want to edit the Blur just make a layer mask and with the Brush Tool pain over the areas that you want the Blur to be.

How to make Sunrise Text Effect in Photoshop – Tutorial

This is a quick way to make a Text Effect in Photoshop. First paint your layer in white color and after that add your text. Now merge the two layers and delete the text with the Magic Eraser, put the sunrise image or whatever image you want, just create a new layer paste the image and lower the layer so that the sunrise image is behind the text layer. Now merge them again and this time erase the white and you will get only the text with the image in it. Now you can double click on the layer and add some effects.